Each egg holds the promise of untold wonders, waiting to be unlocked through your curiosity and experimentation. With every crack and incantation, you’ll unravel the secrets of these magical eggs & orbs, paving the way for endless adventures and enchantments beyond your wildest dreams. Embrace the unknown and let the magic of experimentation guide you on an unforgettable quest into the realms of wonder.

Wondrous item, rare

These small translucent baubles shaped like eggs & orbs can contain an array of magically shrunk unique creatures inside. They were first contrasted by a witch known as Metztli the Mad, seeking to contain the elemental power that she believed dwelled in all creatures. She wasn’t wrong, though it remains to be seen if she is right in a scientific sense. These orbs are enchanted and will create an unique effect when broken. Despite their rarity, they can be used in a fight by throwing them.

These baubles are often found in groups of 1d4 + 2, seeing as collectors can rarely resist collecting just one.

As an action, you can throw the bauble up to 20 feet, which shatters it. The effect created is unique to each type of bauble. If the effect deals damage the affected creatures can make a DC14 Dexterity saving throw to halve the damage.

What do they do?!

Step into a world of enchantment with our mesmerizing collection of magic eggs and orbs. Unlock endless possibilities and ignite your imagination with every purchase. Embrace the extraordinary – make magic yours!

Red Drake Hatchling – 10 foot sphere, 4d6 fire damage

Green Bullfrog – 20 foot sphere, heavily obscured vision for 1 minute

Black Squirrel – 10 foot sphere, difficult terrain for 1 minute

Gray Ooze – 20 foot sphere, 4d6 acid damage

Pale Salamander – 30 foot sphere, 4d6 cold damage

Hellhound Pup – 20 foot sphere, magical darkness for 1 minute

Adopt a (real) dragon egg


I am the artist behind Spider-Design.nl and I have been creating art for over 12 years. I find inspiration out of the harsh and wonderous nature around us. I fantasize over mythical worlds and pour those thoughts into reality.