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Adopt an egg

Special (real) Dragon eggs!!!
Looking for a new home.


What else is fabricated in
my magic cauldron.


Who or what is the artist?
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A list of current and old projects from the magic cauldron.

Magic Eggs & Orbs

I am working on a these special eggs & orbs and hope to launch in fall of 2024. It is a very tricky business as not all eggs make it through the first 24 hours. To perfect the circumstances for the eggs to hatch, we need you! Send us your love, hopes & wishes, likes, a little bit of patience, and bring your hoards when you adopt an egg. 

Miniature spellcaster

It's not one story, but 1001 stories in one, transcended into one place. A magical place where a comfortable wizardly chair resides, surrounded by the darkest of books. This is were all magic stories are written and read.

Miniature Gardens

This is where dark magic is made and kept save. The golden powder of the Dragon arum (Dracunculus vulgaris) Flower is collected and all kinds of power potions can be unlocked.