Hi there,
Welcome to my website, you are here because you scanned the QR-code from an item that you or somebody you know has bought at my shop.
Thank you for appreciating my hand made products, I’ve put a allot of love into them.
If you have any questions you can email me at info(at)Spider-design.nl


Don’t be afraid, keep calm

The spider is in its jar! I found it in the garden behind my house the other day and scooped it up in a jar.
Now it is up to you too take good care of the spider.

If you do dare to open the jar

You can see the spider is friendly and has a key chain attached to it. Super handy!
Have fun but be careful, it is a hand made product which will break after long use. I have mine hanging on a invisible string from my lamp ceiling lamp, be creative.
Hope to see you in my online shop again sometime !


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