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There are now more than 24,000 different Android devices and at least 1 billion apple devices. Every device has it’s own program to show you your emails in and they keep updating new firmware releases, which all have their different rendering issues.
It became my personal mission to make a template that has the most wanted image/text blocks and works in the all email clients/devices and to make sure the email doesn’t get blocked or reported as spam.

There are a three main types of templates [2018]; Responsive, fluid, hybrid.
Responsive, makes use of media queries to check what device your using, how big your screen is and adjusts its block sizes based on this information.
Fluid, is a template where blocks don’t have fixed widths. In this case it doesn’t matter how big your screen is, it will reduce or grow based on your screen width.
Hybrid, is a template that uses both of the above and some custom clients coding.

The Perfect Email Template
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+ 100% block
+ 25%/75% Image/Text block
+ 50%/50% Image/Text block
+ 30%/30%/30% blocks
+ Bullet proof buttons with fallback in outlook
+ This template is tested in
+ Free to use

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  Client   Supported
  Apple Mail 7 , 8 (Desktop)    ✔
  Apple Mail & iOS Devices    ✔
  Outlook (2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2011, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Win10)    ✔
  Thunderbird 31   ✔
  Android – >5.1    ✔
  Gmail (Desktop)    ✔
  Gmail (Mobile, iOS, Android, Apps)    ✔  
  Outlook 2011 for Mac    ✔
  AOL Mail (Explorer, Firefox & Chrome)    ✔
  Hotmail    ✔ (Explorer, Firefox & Chrome)    ✔
  Yahoo! (Explorer, Firefox & Chrome)    ✔
   Windows Phone 8    ✔
   Office 365    ✔