Animated GIF’s can be fun and if used clever they can enhance/spice up your message. Some people tend to go too far on using moving images and expecting world wonders on their goals. But even in 2019 not every (e-mail) client supports animated GIFs, Cinema graphs, video’s and other hot trendy stuff.

Most importantly! Don’t give up.

We can still use animated GIF, but in a smart fun way. Here i wrote a few tips on using Animated GIFs in email:

Don’t animate your most important message!

Its hard to read a sentence while its is moving over your screen, or when the words flash by. Animated GIFs should be used to enhance your message, think in subtle movements like a present bouncing up and down, burning candles on your cake, confetti falling down. Also mentioned earlier, some email clients (mostly outlook) don’t support Animated GIFs, they either show nothing but most likely they show only the first frame of your animation.

Fallback or workaround?

Use your first frame as fallback, or make use of a conditional tags If your receiving client doesn’t support animated GIFs they usually tend to freeze on frame 1. Program frame 1 with a view-rate of max. 0,1sec and the online viewers would hardly notice it and the ones that don’t support GIF have a fallback. Or make use of handy conditional tags to create a fallback for specific clients. It’s wise to analyse once every 6 months what your biggest client group is, this enables you to create the best message.

Make sure your total email size stays under 1mb

Smaller is better Don’t animated a galaxy trip through the universe passing a rainbow colored milky way. The moving objects, the frame count/rate, amount of color, they all influence your file size. See not this isn’t so hard! Have fun with it.