An old fashion Postcard game!


How it works:
Every postcard is a puzzle, every postcard has an secret URL and Password. You only need the postcard to solve the riddle and an internet connection to submit an secret Password. Some postcards have extra leads to treasures that may aid you in your journey or extra bonus Art. All cards are awesome artworks ready to be framed and they are posted just for you! Figure out all cards and get win a final treasure of the secret order.

The secret order
Is a secret organisation that sends out mysterious postcards with strange messages that look like puzzles and riddles. Nobody knows who writes or send these cards or what their intentions are, but the cards are very pretty.

Solve the first card and start your journey!!

Participate by joining the secret order!

Subscribe to the Postcard Game by joining the secret order and receive:

  • 8 a 10 Story cards per level
  • 4 Secret items (IF you can find them)
  • Solve ALL cards and receive a special recognition from the secret order

After your subscription your first card will be send to you through an old fashion postal office. Sometime after, a mail man, or woman will drop a special envelope on your doormat. If you open your envelope you will be greeted with artwork with on the back a message that will get you started. But always remember that every postcard has an secret URL and Password, you will need that to let the order know that you are ready for your next card.

Along the way, you might ask yourself what you got your self into. The puzzles are not the easy, but you don’t need to be a wizz-kid. Step outside your thinking pattern, use google, use other tools or people. Sometimes there are too many letters or numbers, those might lead to something else. Solve ALL cards and receive a special recognition from the secret order.

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Will you step through the gate ?

POST HEXUM MYSTICUM - 01 Step through the gate68 69 6E 74

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Few seats available

Fill out the form in order to join the secret order and give consent on participating in POST HEXUM MYSTICUM, an old fashion Postcard game. Receive an one-time-payment invoice of € 40,-* in your non-digital-inbox, or subscribe digitally through Patreon/metztligen for $ 10,- a month **.

* One-Time-Payment goes directly in printing the cards, stamps, envelopes.
** Patreon supporter gains access to behind-the-scenes posts and more, with a max of one postcard p. month.


Find the Key and save the world !