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Mixed media (Acrylics, Photoshop)

Hey folks!
I’m starting a Visual story! Every two weeks i’ll post a part of the story, a poll or riddle that will help you find the treasure hidden deep within the dark forest.
Do you dare to investigate ?! Step through the gate of Shadows.
With your help; you give me confidence the story is good, fun and excited. In the end perhaps a book will be in place, if so Patreon peeps have VIP access.

~For a long time there is a Fighting Fantasy story on my tongue waiting to be translated into visuals. This is just a humble start to get this world fully going. This world and its confusing puzzles are constantly re-written & re-drawn.
You are the hero we need!
A kingdom far away, in another dimension is in great trouble. If evil wins, it will be unstoppable and crush the peaceful kingdom. Step through these gates and get acquainted with this magical world, where fortune, wonder and adventure go hand in hand.
~ There will be choices with polls on whether to go left or right, there will be fights that need to be fought and riddles that lead to art treasures.