~For a long time there is a Fighting Fantasy story on my tongue waiting to be translated into visuals. This is just a humble start to get this world fully going. This world and its confusing puzzles are constantly re-written … Continue reading

Studies & WIP

Oil painting studies, drawings, scribbles and other delicious fun. Practicing the art of creation, experimenting with many mediums. I have multiple sketchbooks lying around and a few i always carry with me for scribbles. Gallery *All studies are for sale … Continue reading

1 postcard a week for 1 year

PROJECT Inge: Buddies: Karin van de Kuilen en Inge A postcard a week, a project filled with riddles and puzzles. Every week i send a postcard to Inge for 1 year.       ———————————     PROJECT Annie: Buddies: … Continue reading


A project by Jantheo Dam and Karin van de Kuilen with the help of others. This project shows a unique artistic view of the human body, with visible muscles and bones. These are 2panel artworks, 1 panel showing the black/white … Continue reading