A personal story i’ve been willing to tell for a long time. I release snippets of information once every two weeks. The stories is about you. You’ll get sucked into the book as the main character and you’ll need to … Continue reading


Buddies: Karin van de Kuilen en Annie G. Een ansichtkaart per week, een project tegen de eenzaamheid. A postcard a week, a project against lonelyness     Hein Walter van Stichting Zijderups vroeg mij en andere kunstenaars of we mee … Continue reading

My Moleskine

I use my Moleskine/journal to draw out ideas that have been floating around in my head and places i’ve been. To have some room up there i put them on paper. #SketchyStories


A project by Jantheo Dam and Karin van de Kuilen with the help of others. This project shows a unique artistic view of the human body, with visible muscles and bones. These are 2panel artworks, 1 panel showing the black/white … Continue reading


Black Raven


#personalproject #artstory #storytelling #darkart

Some souls are closer to other dimensions from nature, birds and other young souls can go through these gates without difficulty.
Along time ago there were was a perfect balance between light and dark, all living in Harmony. Kings and Queens used birds for sending messages to other dimensions.
Now there are darker forces that influence these birds to evil purposes, like spies they gather information for their master. And they serve as a nice soul snack for the bigger shadows.

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