Characters: A story about you. You are our hero and we need you! There is a kingdom far away from here, in another dimension that is in great trouble. If evil wins, it will be unstoppable and not only crush … Continue reading


Buddies: Karin van de Kuilen en Annie G. Een ansichtkaart per week, een project tegen de eenzaamheid. A postcard a week, a project against lonelyness     Hein Walter van Stichting Zijderups vroeg mij en andere kunstenaars of we mee … Continue reading


Oil painting studies, drawings, scribbles and other delicious fun. Practicing the art of making, creating and experimenting with many mediums. I have mutliple sketch books lying around and a few i always have with me (depending on what i’m going … Continue reading


A project by Jantheo Dam and Karin van de Kuilen with the help of others. This project shows a unique artistic view of the human body, with visible muscles and bones. These are 2panel artworks, 1 panel showing the black/white … Continue reading