Characters: A story about you. You are our hero and we need you! There is a kingdom far away from here, in another dimension that is in great trouble. If evil wins, it will be unstoppable and not only crush … Continue reading

Studies & WIP

Gallery *All studies are for sale and all funds go back into the art making. Oil painting studies, drawings, scribbles and other delicious fun. Practicing the art of creation, experimenting with many mediums. I have multiple sketch books lying around … Continue reading

1 postcard a week for 1 year

Buddies: Karin van de Kuilen en Annie G. Een ansichtkaart per week, een project tegen de eenzaamheid. A postcard a week, a project against lonelyness     Hein Walter van Stichting Zijderups vroeg mij en andere kunstenaars of we mee … Continue reading


A project by Jantheo Dam and Karin van de Kuilen with the help of others. This project shows a unique artistic view of the human body, with visible muscles and bones. These are 2panel artworks, 1 panel showing the black/white … Continue reading