Karin van de Kuilen
info @ spider-design.nl

2015 – now
E-mail Campaign Developer at DM-Interface.
Responsible for daily customer support in Selligent; Building email campaigns based on briefings, transform them into smart email life cycles; Creating structured databases, break data in segments, sending personalized emails and maintaining healthy databases. Linking emails to custom build pages, forms, surveys and other communication platforms. It is a fast passed company where planning is key, we work with Scrum methods. Our customers are mainly insurance companies that require a secure perfectionist.
= Selligent Campaign Developer (online)
= GMC Developer (offline)

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2012 – 2015
Branding Spider-Design
Building Worpress themes for small websites, I advised people about Google analytics and SEO. Made custom graphics, illustrations, murals, books, logos and paintings. Creating and bringing life to new ideas is what i love doing no matter which medium. Registered at KVK as Web developer and joined KVF Kunstenaars Vereniging Flevoland
= Art
= Graphic Design
= WordPress PHP / HTML / CSS
= Business ownership

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Traveled Route 66 and Canada (an unforgettable journey).
(Chicago, San Francisco, Vancouver, Calgary, Chicago)

2005 – 2012
Front-end Developer (team leader) at Rapidsugar
Learned Selligent, working as a front-end developer, making graphical content, animations and building custom email templates, landing pages, writing procedures, enjoying brainstorm sessions and organizing team events.
= Selligent (software)
= WordPress PHP / HTML / CSS
= Team leader; front-end developers

2004 – 2005
Part-time education Multimedia Engineer student at CMM.
Classes in Adobe software; Making video and sound productions, building websites from scratch, making wireframes,design plus some 3D modeling. Graduated on July 2005.
= Cinema4D
= Adobe; Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Affects
= Pro-Tools

Part-time job Support desk for fiber optic cable.
= Customer Service

2001 – 2004
ICT at ROC Flevoland and graduated in 2004.


+ Fast learner and hard worker
+ Good with responsibilities and planning
+ Great with customer support
+ Efficient

+ Creative solutions and ideas
+ Knows all-round codes and techniques
+ Thinks as a customer
+ Simple

+ Knows when to say no
+ Strives for the team spirit
+ Strong