The Watchers

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Ghost wonder after death, inbetween worlds of living and the dead. In rare cases those two dimensions merge and strange things will happen, sometimes hilarious and beautiful, sometimes dark and sinister.
Most ghosts are battling their past and have generally no interest into each other. But some are exceptionally smart and evil. They lurk in the dark deep shadows, hunting for young souls. The younger the soul the closer they are to the realm of the dead.
On the longest night of the year, the sun doesn’t get very high which makes the shadows longer than usual.
To be continued, keep an eye out for more content…

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A postcard a week for my buddy in the home for the elders. (St)art against loneliness.

Getekend door Karin van de Kuilen & Ontvangen door Annie
Dit is een project van Hein Walter van de Zijderups.
Met dank aan Cultuurfonds Almere, Fonds RCOAK en het Cornelis Roozen Fonds.


BodyPartsInArt; #artproject #collaboration
Karin van de Kuilen & Photographer Jantheo Dam